Teropong Stone

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Teropong Stone

Post by mwvatch on Wed Jan 07, 2015 8:18 am

Here are some alternate uses of the Teropong Stone I've seen or heard of fans using and thought interesting.

1. They work without a distance limit but must be used in the Village. I suppose the equipment required for seeing through the stones must remain in the Village.

2. They can be used to check decks for quantities of creatures. So the whole deck can be viewed but must then be shuffled.

3. Whole land view. A slight alteration of the above. Whole land can be viewed and returned without shuffling but no rearranging. With this use, the player with the greatest capacity to remember cards and their ordering has the greatest use with this power.

4. Teropong Stones for previewing a selection of Puzzle Tiles before drawing and swapping. Because puzzle tiles are used sometimes for locating things, it makes sense a Teropong Stone used for seeing could help in the process.


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