Chapter 2: The Chief's Request

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Chapter 2: The Chief's Request

Post by dvatch on Tue Jan 13, 2015 1:01 am

Chapter 2: The Chief's Request
After successfully returning to the Chief with your spoils in hand, he congratulates you and invites you to join the tournament. Though, he tells you that before you can participate you probably should gear yourself up. He hands back the spoils you have brought him and says to use them to gear yourself. In forms you that once geared to return to him as he has a favor to ask of you.

Upon returning, he informs you that there is a rabid Oposubakasa that is terrorizing the roads into the village. This creature is attacking people, eating and chasing off other Oposubakasa. This is a problem because merchants are not traveling to Fordra now and the resources from the Opasubakasa are essential for the village. The chief asks for you to find and kill the opsubakasa. It only spawns after 9pm and gets stronger as the night goes on.


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