Chapter 1: Proven Worthy

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Chapter 1: Proven Worthy

Post by dvatch on Mon Jan 12, 2015 11:49 pm

Chapter 1: Proven Worthy
The village of Fordra is a busy village with the goings and comings of fisherman, farmers, merchants and common folk. The village receives many of its resources from the vast forest land outside its walls that runs straight into the ocean. The village chief has announced that he will be holding the annual tournament to gain the title of Hunter. Hunter's are protectors of the village and its people, strong, wise, and skilled craftsman. It is an honor to given the title of Hunter. In order to participate in the chief's tournament you must first prove your worth as an up and coming Hunter. This is done by venturing out to the road and returning to the chief with spoils from each type of road monster. This task must be completed before sun down.


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