What is Trivatch?

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What is Trivatch?

Post by dvatch on Tue Jan 06, 2015 7:48 pm

We are three brothers who have loved all types of gaming our whole lives. From childhood we have been playing video games. We got into table top gaming quite a few years ago and within the last 2+ years we decided to go into development. We don't just develop games though we are passionate about three main things:

We don't want you to just play our games....we want you to love them, contribute to them, and view them as something new that has not exist in this world until today. We do this by drawing from may different sources to develop games. Though we choose table top games as our platform we take themes, game mechanics and other inspiration form video games and books. We strive to have a clear store and lor around each of our games so it is clear what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how everything came into existence. We also look unique game mechanics whether its something new or combining existing mechanics in new ways.

This draws from our years of online gaming. We love being part of a community of gamers playing the same game, forming guilds, sharing information, tips, and ideas. This forum exists as part of that passion. Our games have been designed with plenty of versatility so players can make it their own, then share it with others so they can experience the same thing. We encourage everyone to share their ideas. We also look to peoples ideas to help use understand what you are looking for and what we can provide whether it be by an expansion or promotion. Lastly, the three of us each have a preference in gaming and have come to realize there is an unspoken or even a spoken divide between gaming individuals....board gaming and video gaming. Our goal is to clear this divide where gamers can enjoy a piece of both worlds.

As gamers we were never satisfied with the games we played. We often times found ourselves adjusting rules or mechanics to fit our preferences. Often times though it became lengthy because the games we played were not balanced for this to happen. This is why we focus on creating games that are sandbox for the most part. Another thing we enjoy about MMO's and other video games is the regular addition of game content. Whether it be event things around the holiday's or major updates to the game it keeps the game fresh and new. We do this with Legends of Rakasa and will continue to do so. Trivatch Rewards was established as a means of providing game content in exchange for community involvement (though addition content will also be available for purchase as well).


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