Pokemon / How to train your Dragon

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Pokemon / How to train your Dragon

Post by RemHale on Mon Jun 15, 2015 11:58 pm

Like Regular Rakasa Story. Also like Pokemon, but a little more gruesome - Your creature can die in battle.

Instead of pokeballs, you use rope, made of fur (or bones). The 'Pokemon' you catch may attack with you! (You may carry up to 6, and leave some with the tribe.)

When you attack an animal (that isn't dead), if you bring it down to 1 to 2 life, you may use 2 fur (or 1 fur and 1 bones) to tie up the creature as the amount of its life left. The Equation is: 2 fur (OR 1f +1B) * creatures * life left (below 2 times the number of creatures).

I have I'm attacking a Gagak which has 2 life left. So, I need 4 furs/bones. I have 3 furs and 1 Bones, so, instead of killing it, I would use 2 furs on 1 of its stamina points, and 1 fur & 1 Bones on the last point of its life.

If there are more than one creature - 2 creatures ex:
If you are fighting 2 creatures, you may catch one or more, depending on the amount of supplies you have. If you brought them down to one life, then 2 fur per animal (or 1 Bones + Fur) would mean I would spend a turn capturing an animal, and taking a hit from the other. It would be fully healed after an hour, for the next battle, but you would need to finish off the other you could not capture after taking a turn to capture your new pokemon!

The Equation becomes: 2 fur (OR 1f +1B) * creatures * life left (below 2 times the number of creatures).

The creature(s) you capture can now fight at your side in battle! Instead of being combined, like the enemies/animals working as a combined effort/ power/ stamina, your 'pokemon' gets attacked first, and if it dies, it can't be revived, and the extra damage that desn't go to it goes to you. In essence, it's like an additional Quickshot!

If you have multiple pokemon, then their efforts (stamina, power, defense, speed!) are combined! You may also send in a number of Pokemon to help a distressed teammate in the area, as though you were helping him.

Should it die in a battle you win, you may keep its spoils (scales, teeth, etc.), or you may use it to LURE an creature away. You can lure during the same battle it died, but you cannot use the spoils until after you have won the battle. A pokemon's value is the same, dead or alive, in the market.


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