Quest of Wisdom

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Quest of Wisdom

Post by RemHale on Mon Jun 15, 2015 11:43 pm

This may follow the story of Rakasa, or work with another variant (like "Rokemon"). Now, you have more choices, and can buy more equipment cards (like shield).

What strength does:
Strength changes the attack power or the defense, sometimes temporarily, which prevents damage or supplies additional.

Different forms of additional Power:
- Sharpening: Deals 2 more damage this turn. Cost: 1 stone OR 2 bones. (You must have a weapon to attack with.)
- Meditation: Takes 1 turn; the next turn Your Offense Increases by 1.
- Tribal Book of Wisdom & Experience: Takes 3 hours (to read, in which you ), but its wisdom grants a permanent boost of +2 power. There is only 1 book per tribe - you can only read it once.

Different forms of additional Defense:
- Shield (Card, Equipment): This allows prevention of 2 damage every hit (cost: 150)
- Light shoes (instead of Cuneiform Boots): Helps you move out of the way of a strike, preventing 1 Damage each time. Cost: 100 @ Market.

Exploring for Territorial advantages (by choice, before attacking):
- Search for hill: This allows you to have both Attack +1 AND Defense +1. However, instead of drawing one creature... when you draw, you must draw two, and pick the stronger. Same with drawing additional creatures.
- Tree branch (Prevents 1 damage when taking.) Cost: Before you attack, in the forest, you may roll a dice any number of times; if you roll a 1 or 2 on the first, you may use a tree branch; if you roll a 6 you get slowed by a marsh pit, and attack goes down one.
- Tree (Prevents 3 damage per hit this turn). Cost: Roll a 1 or 2 two times (3-4 is neutral). If you roll a five or six, then you must stop and take a -3 Attack


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