Catch the Kelincis

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Catch the Kelincis

Post by mwvatch on Sat Apr 04, 2015 11:24 pm

This is a common game type played in Legends of Rakasa Tournaments.

Kelincis are multiplying and flooding Fordra. The Chief is putting on a Kelinci Feast. Participants in the contest put on by the Chief are to capture the most Kelincis by sun down for the feast.

Drawing Kelincis
Kelincis in this game type cannot be battled. If players aren't trying to capture a Kelinci, it is discarded when drawing other monsters. Discard Kelincis while drawing count towards a players five card draw limit. If a player draws some monsters and a Kelinci and wants to try catching the Kelinci, they must first battle monsters drawn before drawing the Kelinci and cannot draw any monsters after drawing and deciding to attempt capturing the Kelinci.

Catching a Kelinci

Once a Kelinci is drawn, a player must have at least 7 Speed to even attempt to catch it. If a player has less than 7 Speed, the Kelinci escapes (is discarded) and the player can draw on if they haven't reached their draw limit. If a player has 7 Speed and attempts to catch a Kelinci, he or she will roll a dice. On a roll of 1, the Kelinci is caught. For every 3 Speed players have above 7 (10, 13, 16, etc) their catch rate is increased by 1. So a player with 10 Speed can catch a Kelinci on a roll of 1 or 2. A player with 14 (above 13 but below 16) Speed can catch a Kelinci on a roll of 1, 2, or 3.

Players use a dice to track the number of Kelincis they have caught.

Getting Speed
To get Speed, players will want to upgrade some gear to boost their Speed. Players can also by Honey in the Market for 100 Doru and random Boost Tokens for 200 doru.

Participants in tournaments are paid out Trivatch Gems for each Kelinci they capture before sun down. The hunter who has the most by sun down is named "King of the Kelincis" by the Chief. If players are playing this as a part of a series of stories and not in an independent tournament round, the winner can also receive a Fear Token that allows the King of Kelincis to force Kelincis drawn off the Roads to turn on other monsters, or in other words, team up with and add their stats to the King of the Kelincis.

We use Rakmin Tiles for turn order and find this to be a bit more exciting and fair. You can see how Rakmin turn orders work in this post titled Rakmin Tiles for Turn Order

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