Rakmin Tiles for Turn Order

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Rakmin Tiles for Turn Order

Post by mwvatch on Sat Apr 04, 2015 10:52 pm

We have been playing game types where player turns really effect a hunters odds of success. We wanted to come up with a way of having turn order changing each round, not in a perfect predictable rotation of starting players, but not just a roll of the dice each turn. This was what David came up with.

Each player draws a Rakmin tile. The first round of turns, players point the green (blue in newer copies) side of their tiles into the center of the play area. Players take turns base of the value of this side of the tile, from highest to lowest. The next round, players rotate their tiles clockwise to the blue side and use this new number to determine turn order. This continues to the yellow and red side. After the red side, players draw new Rakmin turn tiles. Because of the pattern behind the positioning of the Rakmin numbers and colors across all tiles, this system provides a balanced rotation of turn orders, you don't have to roll a dice every turn, there is a nice variety to how turns get mixed up, and you can see your turn order for the life (4 turns) of the tile you pulled.

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