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Catch'em All

Post by mwvatch on Fri Mar 27, 2015 4:13 pm

I've been experimenting with different game types where players catch monsters and battle other players in the Village at set tournament times. This is where I'm at so far on my Catch'em All game type.

The last time we played this, there was a tournament every 4 hours on the time tracker.

Catching Monsters
Players battle monsters in the Road and Lands as normal. Once defeated, players roll for each monster to see if they catch the monsters. Caught monsters are kept in a storage trunk (under a storage trunk card). Monsters that aren't caught go into player's inventories and are used as normal for crafting, doru, luring, etc. A caught monster can be removed from the trunk and used for its parts in upgrading (a bit dark  Twisted Evil , I know ). A caught monster can be sold to the market for 100 doru more than monsters just defeated and should be placed in a separate sold pile that cost at least 100 doru extra to buy from (or some other price or requirement to buy from). Players can trade caught monsters with other players for whatever they agree on.

Battling Monsters
So the way we've done battling so far is each tournament has a star limit of monsters that can be brought out. So the first tournament has a 4 star limit. The second 6 star and so on. Two players battling reveal one of their monsters at the same time. Players then decide which of their monsters they will play next. The total stars of monsters brought out cannot exceed the star amount for that round. So a player in the 4 star tournament could bring out 4 one star monsters while another player plays 2 two star monsters. Players play monsters simultaneously until a player has reached their star limit. After a player reaches the limit, if the other player hasn't reach the limit and can play other monsters without going over the limit, he or she can go ahead and play other monsters.

Players compare the total stats of all of their played monsters against the total stats of their opponents played monsters.

Each tournament in this set up should have some prize to encourage participation. Each tournament could have a fee to enter to increase the sakes. Players could use gems as tournament winnings. Upon winning a tournament, a winner can draw a random blue gem. Blue and red gems are set at 200 and 600 doru. Winner can also take the fees paid to enter (higher stakes). Blue gems can be used as a doru for future actions or be flipped and used as whatever boost is on the back. We prefer not to allow boosts or potion items in the monster battles in the Village. The winner of the day is the player with the most gems (not doru) at the end of the tournament.

Increase in Skills
I'm toying with the possibility have having a Rakmin puzzle that tracks your skill level. The longer your puzzle, the better odds you have at catching monsters. You can remove tiles of your completed puzzle to withdrawal a monster and play a new one in a battle. This is done per play of monsters, not at the end of playing all monsters. I'm trying out players having a turn at their Rakmin puzzles each turn they catch a monster. The more you catch the better you get.

Somehow sacrificing Rakmin tiles, you could even have a way to use boosted stats on your monsters, possibly...Still testing different options.

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