Crafting: Fees and Restrictions

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Crafting: Fees and Restrictions

Post by mwvatch on Mon Feb 16, 2015 3:05 pm

The crafting in Rakasa is simple and for the more experienced players, it may be a bit too simple. In the latest edition of the instruction manual, the suggestion for increased difficultly in crafting is to put in place a crafting fee, much like in Monster Hunter.

Try it with just 50 Doru to begin with. This offsets the instant profit of upgrading and selling one star gear as well (except when those treasured Oposubakasas are used).

Another level of difficulty that was once in the game but later removed is to only allow crafting in the Village.

Between the small fee for crafting and restricting crafting to the Village, players will discover a whole new level planning and timing is required to progress efficiently. Check it out in your next game type!

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